The Truth About Over-Conditioning


1. What is the difference between a healthy hair conditioner and a damaged hair conditioner?

A healthy hair conditioner will promote healthy hair growth and a stronger cuticle. Damaged hair conditioner repairs damage, bringing back the moisture and shine of healthy hair.

2. Why does over-conditioning your hair happen in the first place?

If you use the same hair care products on your hair, then it can lead to over-conditioning.

It is also a common misconception that if you use a shampoo that is not right for your hair type, then it will lead to over-conditioning. This might be true in some cases, but most of the time this problem occurs because of the personal care products that are being used on your hair.

3. What are the dangers of over-conditioning your hair?

When people over-condition their hair, they are often adding too much product to their hair and it becomes greasy and difficult to manage.

Over-conditioning is when you apply too much conditioner to your hair. It can make your hair greasy, flat and difficult to manage. By applying the right amount of conditioner, you will be able to moisturize your scalp without weighing down your locks.

This can lead to damage because the oil from the conditioner has a tendency of making the hair limp or greasy in some cases. If left untreated, this can cause more severe damage such as dryness (due to overuse of detergents), heat damage (due to blow-drying), or breakage (from brushing).

4. How to avoid over-conditioning your locks in the future

The best way to avoid over-conditioning your locks in the future is by avoiding using too many products. Your hair might look healthy and shiny, but it will just be a temporary fix.

5. What are healthy alternatives for maintaining your tresses without overdoing it on conditioner

With the new year on its way and resolutions being set, many people take on new lifestyle changes. One of these resolutions is to maintain a healthy hair routine. However, many people don’t know what this entails. Conditioner is an easy way to make your hair silky and shiny but can lead to hair that’s weighed down and greasy looking if too much is used.

The use of conditioner can be damaging to the silicone in your hair, so there are other options like dry shampoo or treatment that give you the same look without any damage.

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