How Your Metabolism Affects Your Diet, Fitness & Weight Loss Goals


Introduction to the Basics – What is your Resting Metabolic Rate?

The number of calories your body burns at rest is called the metabolic rate. This is how much energy your body needs to keep you alive.

There are many factors that influence our metabolism, which can be seen in our weight and activity level. The more active we are, the higher our metabolic rate will be. The more sedentary we are, the lower our metabolic rates will be.

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What You Can Do About It – How does your metabolism affect your diet, fitness and weight loss goals?

Metabolism is a natural process in the body that converts food into energy. It’s a well-known fact that your metabolism rate affects your weight loss goals, but how do you know what it is, to begin with?

This article will help you find out what your metabolism is and how to calculate it.

It will also provide information about how to manage your diet and workout schedules so you can lose weight in a healthy way.

Computer Programme Helps Calculate Your Resting Metabolic Rate

A few years ago, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and The Obesity Society joined forces to develop a new equation that could calculate the resting metabolic rate (RMR) in adults. This new equation was much more accurate than the one that was originally developed back in 1990.

This new RMR calculator is now available for free on their website. You just have to enter your age, weight, height, sex, hours slept last night and exercise level every day. This calculator will then give you an estimate of your calories burned per day.

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