Mistakes You Should Stop Making To Get The Best Benefits Of Green Tea

Mistakes You Should Stop Making To Get The Best Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea has become a popular drink among health-conscious individuals worldwide. This natural beverage is full of antioxidants and has several health benefits for our body. But despite knowing its advantages, many of us still can’t get the best out of green tea because of some common mistakes we make while brewing or consuming it. In this post, we’ll discuss the seven most common mistakes you should stop making immediately to enjoy all the benefits of green tea for your health and well-being. Now, let’s explore and learn how to make the most of this fantastic beverage! 



1. Introduction to Green Tea and its Health Benefits


Green tea is a highly healthy beverage widely recognized for its potential health advantages. It is not only hydrating, but it also includes various helpful substances. Green tea is categorized as a superfood due to its high amount of antioxidants such as catechins and polyphenols. These substances have been proven to decrease inflammation, prevent cell harm, and defend against different diseases. Green tea’s health benefits also extend to brain function, fat loss, and reducing the chances of developing heart disease and cancer.


2. Drinking Green Tea on an Empty Stomach


Many individuals wrongly assume that drinking green tea instead of regular tea when their stomachs are empty is a more beneficial choice. However, green tea contains tannins which can increase stomach acidity, leading to discomfort or nausea. To prevent this, eating something before drinking green tea is better. This will help your digestive system cope with the tannins and reduce potential discomfort. When you plan to drink green tea on an empty stomach, eat a snack.


3. Excessive Consumption of Green Tea


Ex-consumption of green tea can have harmful effects on the body. Although green tea has many health advantages, limiting your drinking amount is crucial. Overconsumption of green tea can lead to increased caffeine levels, which may cause anxiety, restlessness, and irregular heartbeats. It can also reduce iron absorption in the body, leading to anaemia. Additionally, the tannins in green tea can interfere with absorbing certain nutrients, like calcium and iron, causing deficiencies. Therefore, limiting green tea intake to two to three cups per day is essential to reap its benefits without causing harm to the body.


4. Drinking Green Tea too Close to Bedtime


Drinking green tea is a healthy practice linked to numerous benefits. Nevertheless, there might be superior alternatives to consuming it at a later time. Green tea encompasses caffeine, an innate energizer that can make dozing off more difficult. The repercussions of caffeine can manifest in as little as 20 minutes and take up to 60 minutes to attain their maximum potency. This means consuming caffeinated green tea before bedtime can interfere with sleep quality and quantity. People susceptible to caffeine may experience sleep disturbances, even if the tea contains theanine, which promotes relaxation and improves sleep.


5. Drinking Green Tea Immediately After Meals


When drinking green tea, inevitable mistakes may hinder its health benefits. One of these is drinking it immediately after meals. Consuming green tea right after a meal can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb iron from food, leading to a deficiency over time. Holding off on drinking green tea until at least one hour after eating is advised to avoid this. This will ensure the body has enough time to absorb essential nutrients before consuming green tea. By following this simple step, one can maximize the benefits of green tea.


6. Brewing Green Tea with Boiling Water


Many individuals mistakenly add green tea bags or leave them in water that is either boiling or has just been cooked. Nonetheless, it is advisable to avoid doing so to maximize the advantages of green tea. Using boiling water for brewing tea can destroy the beneficial compounds in the tea, leading to a bitter taste. Let the water boil first, then cool to around 80-85 degrees Celsius before steeping the green tea. This can also prevent the tea’s bitter taste and ensure you get the maximum health benefits from drinking it.


7. Consult Your Doctor Before Consuming Green Tea


Green tea is widely known to have numerous health benefits, but inevitable mistakes people make could hinder the benefits. One such error is not consulting with your doctor before consuming green tea. For those with existing health problems or taking medication, it is crucial to be mindful of their green tea consumption. Green tea has caffeine that could negatively interact with specific medicines, including antidepressants, blood thinners, and birth control pills. Checking with a doctor may help assess the safety of drinking green tea or the need to control the intake. It is advisable to prioritize precautions for the sake of one’s health.


8. Importance of Using Fresh Tea Leaves or Bags


Many people need help to fully experience the advantages of green tea due to errors they commit. However, the drink is well-known for its numerous advantageous properties for one’s health. One of these mistakes is reusing tea bags or tea leaves. When tea bags or leaves are reused, the tea’s flavour and nutritional value are compromised, making it less effective in promoting good health. To obtain the utmost nutritional benefits from green tea, you must use fresh tea bags or leaves every time you prepare the beverage. Making this simple adjustment can significantly enhance the positive impact of green tea on your health.


9. Dos and Don’ts of Drinking Green Tea


Green tea is known for its remarkable health benefits, but one must consume it correctly to reap it fully. To ensure safe consumption of green tea, it is essential to remember specific guidelines. For example, drinking excessive amounts of caffeine can result in harmful effects such as anxiety, irritability, and headaches; therefore, limiting green tea consumption to 2-3 cups per day is recommended. Additionally, it is a common misconception that drinking green tea immediately after a meal is beneficial, but it can negatively affect iron absorption and result in long-term health issues. 

It is essential to consume green tea in moderate amounts. Like coffee, green tea also has caffeine, and excessive daily intake can result in adverse effects such as headaches and anxiety. Moreover, boiling water can destroy the healthful compounds in green tea and lead to a bitter taste. Lastly, consuming green tea on an empty stomach or at night can cause stomach issues or interfere with sleep.


10. Moderation in Green Tea Consumption


It is essential to consume green tea in moderate amounts. Like coffee, green tea also has caffeine, and excessive daily intake can result in adverse effects such as headaches and anxiety. Limiting consumption to 2-3 cups per day is recommended to avoid iron absorption reduction in the body.

Additionally, it is essential to avoid drinking green tea right after meals as it could harm the digestion process. The proteins of the food are yet to be digested by the body, and green tea could interfere with its progress.

Green tea should not be consumed when hot, as it can damage the stomach and throat. On the other hand, warm green tea provides the best results for recharging and detoxifying the system.

Including honey in your green tea is a healthy substitution for sugar, although it must not be combined with boiling green tea. The high temperature can destroy the nutritional value of honey.

Consuming medicines with green tea is not recommended, as the chemical composition of the pill can mix with green tea, leading to acidity. Instead, tablets should be taken with regular water.

If green tea leaves are steeped for an extended period, they will not gain more nutrients and may lead to a bitter taste. Remembering the importance of limiting green tea intake to a range of two to five cups per day is essential.

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